Yards Turnkey Solutions

Safe and Efficient Shunting on Site 

The railroad yard is a key component of everyday traffic, especially in the field of rail cargo and heavy rail traffic.

In order to guarantee a regulated and secured man-machine interaction, BBR offers comfortable turnkey solutions.

Yard interlocking system SIL.VIA 300

Turnkey solution for yard installations 

Our product range SIL.VIA 300 unites long-term experience in the field of interlocking systems and latest technology. Yard signaling installations are used for monitoring, protection and control of rail-bound transport through classification yards, branching and merging line sections. This includes:

•    Reception, check and processing of route requests
•    Provision of safe route setting and signaling
•    Train protection and train movement tracking

The control system‘s compact, module-based hardware can easily be configured to adapt to any individual client’s requirements. An extension or modification can be implemented at any time. Plus, every system and component are adaptable with systems from other manufacturers.

Control made easy: SIL.VIA 310

Local operated point control system 

The BBR local operated point control system combines the comfort and setting speed of electrically-driven points with safety standards of proven interlocking technology. Due to the uncomplicated operation on site and an extremely small maintenance effort they allow a resource-saving and efficient operation. Local operated point control systems can replace manually-operated switch points and can reduce the amount of switch points depending on a central interlocking unit in switching areas.
Depending on individual functional requirements, SIL.VIA 310 can be installed in various forms of point control systems. These solutions are also compatible with higher-level systems. Therefore it is also possible to operate the point control systems in a centralized way, while sustaining the safety of each switch through SIL.VIA 310 – even in case of sudden failure of the higher-level system.