Passenger Information Display MOFIS®

informative and interactive 

Our MOFIS® passenger information system is able to control an abundance of various DPI display devices, both our own products and those from other manufacturers. The usage of standard protocols and a highly flexible software makes this possible. As your system supplier, we are able to provide you a broad portfolio of solutions for your demands in dynamic passenger information.

Our portfolio ranges from:



Current passenger information at the station, provided by an interactive display.

Product information MOFIS®MEDIA.MIP



Displays matching your individual specifications, using ultra bright special LED.

Product information MOFIS®MEDIA.LED



High-contrast display in high definition and color - indoor or outdoor operation.

Product information MOFIS®MEDIA.TFT



Energy saving displays working on solar power - independent and environmentally friendly.

Product information MOFIS®MEDIA.ECO