Communication between rail and vehicle

Message transmission system 

The VIA.COM product family can be used for a range of applications: from non-vital vehicle detection through to complex data transmission. It hence plays a key role in rail bound traffic management.

The FRED system has been developed by BBR for reliable information transmission from the vehicle to the wayside installation. It is modular and can hence be used as standalone solution or as subsystem to a more complex signaling system. The frequency decoder system performs both the transmission and decoding of inductively transmitted data as well as for intermittent automatic train control.

Precise communication

FRED-1000 and FRED-9100 

Especially in light rail, commuter rail and subway environment, train to wayside communications alleviates workload from the operational personnel and allows for a rationalized operation. Simple telegram based message transmission can be realized by the frequency decoder system FRED just as well as more complex safety critical train protection systems.

Based on our in-depth experience with message transmission, we have developed a product whose flexibility suits a broad range of requirements. The FRED-1000 system allows uni- or bi-directional transmission of data on a carrier frequency of 850 kHz or simple vehicle detection of carrier frequencies of 100 kHz or 850 kHz. The complementary FRED-9100 system offers both uni- and bi-directional transmission or vehicle detection on a carrier frequency of 67 or 91 kHz.



In addition to the message transmission system, the EWIS electronic vehicle identification system is another product in our range of message transmission systems. It allows a wayside system to identify vehicles based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. On a carrier frequency of 125 kHz, vehicle transponders wirelessly transmit vehicle identification information that can be tailored to customer requirements. EWIS offers a high reliability of data transmission even at higher speeds.