Supervision made easy

Workstation Hard- and Softwaresolutions 

The workstation interfaces serve as a central access point for dispatchers and operations controllers. The interfaces are user friendly and have been designed with best possible usability in mind.

BBR fits all interlocking products – from a single point controller to a full electronic interlocking – with a tailored hardware and software solution for both supervision and (remote) control.

In sight: VILUDA and SILUDA


The VILUDA (visuelle Lupendarstellung) module offers a comprehensive view from the outside world based on the data received from the safety system. The view is based on the track layout with added dynamic elements. This allows the operator to monitor the status and activities of the entire system. A role based login system controls the users’ access and the level of interaction with the system.
More complex networks that depend on a vital display are supervised by the SILUDA (sichere Lupendarstellung) module. It creates, distributes and checks all images shown to the operator. The strict distinction between vital data processing and visualization on two distinct operating systems ensures that no two software-based errors can occur simultaneously.

Intuitive interaction


In rough conditions on the side of the track, e.g. in shunting or depot areas, the BDT-202 offers an ideal interface for operating personnel to transmit routing requests or departure times. The electronics and power supply are mounted in a rugged aluminum casing. The front features a configurable LED control display and a keypad with numeric and function keys that can be tailored to the application. The unit is connected to the operations level of the superordinate interlocking system and can hence give direct feedback about the state of the system.